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Laptop Ac Adapter are made from the highest quality parts, the Ac Adapter are tailored made according to the original size, whether the Ac Adapter appearance, size and quality are the same as with the original. Every Ac Adapter should be under strict quality control including filtration and safety testing of voltage,capacity and Ac Adapter core before leaving the factory, and has passed the authentication of CE, UL, EMC, CQC, ROHS, etc.


Buy Top Quality Laptop Ac Adapter


When you decide to buy a laptop AC adapter, you need the best quality to keep your laptop running efficiently. This is a crucial part of your laptop and should be compatible with your laptop. Numerous accessories for laptops are available in the market. But you should make sure that you only buy quality products which will not harm your laptop and will give you the best service.


The laptop AC adapter is the main connection that needs to power up your laptop. When it does not work, it means you need to check your notebook AC adapter. This is the box that is in between your laptop and the plug which goes into the power outlet on the wall. The sealed box has varying power-converting capabilities depending on the laptop design. It should work properly for your computer to receive power and for its battery to recharge each time you plug it into the power socket.


You can buy a laptop AC adapter that is compatible with various models of the same brand. There are specific notebook power adapters which are compatible with particular brands. The top brands are available from leading distributors and stores who have online websites. You can make your selection and pay online securely and the items will be shipped to you in the minimum of time. You can be sure you get top quality products which will work best with your valuable notebook.


Notebook power adapters have improved with the advance of technology to include state-of-the-art features that are innovative and revolutionary.


  • Charging control functions.
  • USB interface with AC/DC input jack.
  • Smart plugs compatible with most brands.
  • Switch mode function.
  • Support for flat transformer technology.
  • 110 to 240V input voltage.
  • Auto-reset function.
  • Output voltage auto-detection.
  • Runs on 9 to 16 VDC input.
  • Car adaptors suitable for 7 to 12 inch laptops.


All notebook AC adaptors have stickers with their rated amperage at any specific voltage level. You should get this information when you buy the product from online stores. You can buy laptop accessories from leading online stores which have variety of brand choices.


Laptop AC adaptors have a certain life period after which they will fail. Sometimes the convertor could get damaged from a power surge from the AC line. There could be a failure to function when the detachable plug breaks, cuts, or gets shorted out. It is recommended that under these circumstances, you shop for a new device that will continue to make your laptop work. You should never try and repair it yourself as it may result in serious harm.


Laptop AC adapter should only be bought from suppliers of genuine accessories and who provide technical support assistance. They should provide warranties and competitive pricing. Leading suppliers of accessories will give you the best deals and updates on the latest products that are available. Leading companies that have online stores for computer accessories have the best customer service that is available to answer all your questions about products and specifications.


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Laptop Ac Adapter are made from the highest quality parts the Ac Adapter are tailored made according to the original size whether the Ac Adapter appearance size and quality are the same as with the original

More Info About Laptop Ac Adapter

    * What is the nominal voltage and current of latpop ac adapter mean?
      The nominal voltage of laptop ac power adapter normally refers to the open circuit output voltage, that is a voltage value not take any load and without current output. Therefore, this can be considered as the output voltage limit of laptop ac adapter. For the internal use of the initiative power supply unit or voltage regulator components of the benchmark, in general the use of high resistance DC voltmeter can directly measured the nominal voltage, even if the mains voltage fluctuations in a certain place, the output is also a constant value.

      The current of laptop power adapter. Regardless of any laptop ac adapter has a certain amount of resistance, so when the laptop power supply output current, the voltage drop in the internally , which is equal to the output current multiplied by the latpop ac adapter resistance. Resulted in two things, one is the heat generated is equal to the square of the output current multiplied by resistance, so the power will be hot.
      the other is nominal voltage becomes the output voltage minus the internal voltage drop, resulting in lower output voltage. When the usually design completes considering the heat issues, then generally restricts a current value, when the output current achieve this value, output voltage is reduced to 95% of nominal voltage, or other ratio, the manufacturers can set a higher or lower proportion according to the differern needs of products, the current value called nominal current.
      Such as the nominal current of 72W, 16V ac adapter for is 4.5A. If the load resistance is too low, resulting in the output current exceeds the nominal current, there will be two things happens, one is individual components heating exceeds cooling capacity result in buring and cause the damage of laptop power adapter, the other is thermal design left margin, merely a reflection of the output voltage is further reduced, if reduced too much may cause the load not work correctly.
    * Are the same nominal laptop ac adapter voltage, output current differences, can be used in the same notebook?

      The underlying principle is the nominal current of small power can be replaced by a large nominal current of the power. It might be misunderstood, someone thinks great nominal current of the power will burn Notebook, actually how large the current depends on the load in the case of the same voltage, that is, the work of the laptop, the current was bigger when the notebook in a high-load operation and smaller when the laptop turned into standby state, in short, the current equals to the voltage added to the notebook divide by the notebook's equivalent resistance. Large nominal current laptop ac adapter has sufficient current margin and will not overheating or low output voltage after replace a small nominal current power.
      If you use a small current replaced a high-current adapter will ouccers such dangerous. But some friends instead of 72w with a 56w adapter is also no problem, that is because laptop power adapter is usually designed to leave a margin, load power must be less than the power, therefore it is feasible, but the margin on the remaining laptop ac adapter power are only a few.
      Once you have received a lot of notebook peripherals, like two usb hard drive, then cpu running at full speed, the drive at full speed to read the disk and coupled to a battery charging at the same time, that would be dangerous, keep your hands touch the adapter to feel whether it could already boiled eggs. The 16w that the 72w adaper more than the 56w adapter is to deal with this situation. So it is best not to use a small high-current power instead of high-current laptop power adapter.
    * The same type of notebook, why mine always hot when someone else's power is just warm?

      Do not doubt your laptop ac adapter problems, first check that what are you doing with your laptop, whether like the above said two usb hard drives, cpu running at full speed, hard disk read and write crazy, drive at full speed to read the disk, while charging the laptop battery, stood loud music, the screen brightness of the largest wireless network card has been detected signal and so on, make good use of power management.
    * Is there will be any problems when the nominal supply voltage much higher than my laptop battery voltage?

      adapter to the laptop is different from the battery supply, the battery's output is pure DC, very clean, directly access to DC transformer modules, the battery voltage is neither possible nor necessary to design very high, the voltage requirements of microelectronic circuits analog signals and digital signals is 5V for the sector, to get rid of PSA module efficiency and pressure requirements, 10.8V is enough, and Li-ion battery chemistry EMF determines the output voltage of a power-saving cores can only be around 3.6V.
      Therefore, many cells are based on three series of the way, 10.8V have become a very popular battery voltage. Some batteries' nominal value is a little larger than integer multiple of 3.6V, for instance, 3.7V or 11.2V etc, in fact it's in order to protect the battery, or a manipulation in the calculation of the design capacity of the battery.
      If you use the latpop ac adapter, the situation is more complex, first you need to steady voltage and do further filter to ensure that stable wokes when the power performance is not in a good situation, after the regulator output voltage is divided into two parts, one part for the work of the laptop ac adapter, another part to the battery charge.
      ac adapter to that part of what happened when the same with the battery-powered, and to that part of the battery through the battery charge control circuit can be added to batteries, the control circuit can be very complicated, so the supply voltage must be greater than the laptop battery, then it will have sufficient differential voltage is supplied to the charge control circuit margin each unit. Final truly voltage added on the batteries is by no means 16V, please rest assured.

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