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How to Replace a Asus DC Power Jack?

Asus DC power jacks have spring contacts to secure physical and electrical contact with an insertion type barrel connector. Over time and repetitive reinsertion, the strength of the springs and contact will diminish. Corrosion will eventually render the jack unusable and it will require replacement.

1. Turn on the hot-air rework tool and set it's temperature to approximately 800 degrees F. This will take a few seconds.

2. Direct the hot air stream over the solder joints that connect the damaged DC power jack to the circuit board. Within a half minute, the solder will liquefy.

3. Apply even force and remove the old Asus DC jack with one hand while the other hand is maintaining the hot-air tool's focus on the reverse side. The jack will come right out.

4. Heat up the soldering iron to approximately 700 degrees F. Overlap the solder that remains with the desoldering braid and press the tip of your soldering iron over the joint. The desoldering braid will rapidly heat up and conduct heat to the solder pads of the circuit board. When the solder liquefies, it will be drawn into the desoldering braid by capillary action. Repeat as necessary until the through-holes of the DC jack's footprint are open.

5. Solder wire image by naolin from Insert the new Asus DC power jack in the same orientation as the jack you just removed. While holding the configuration in place with one hand, tack each terminal with a drop of solder with the other hand. Then, both hands available, properly solder each terminal, one at a time, to leave a lustrous finish on the soldering joints.

6. Discard the old Asus DC power jack. It may not appear to be damaged and could easily wind up in the spare parts box if not thrown out.



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